The family-run Massachusetts business called Onehundred takes its name from the radius of the distance they go to find the craftsmen they work with to make their products. The one hundred mile distance guarantees a neighborhood sense of pride in the workmanship and quality of their products.

Their latest, currently appearing on Kickstarter, is the Qbit, a small measuring tool inspired by the original cubit rods used by ancient architects and builders thousands of years ago. The Qbit is made for everyday carry for all your small measuring needs. Coming in either stainless steel or brass, the Qbit also is offered in two sizes; a 3″ (75mm) version and a 6″ (150mm) ruler. They are precision turned on a CNC lathe with both the Standard and Metric scales laser-etched into the metal. The Qbit can be fastened to a keyring or clipped to back pack or tool belt. It also features a movable red marker for keeping up with the measurements you take. The simple design of the Qbit adds to the understated artistic appeal of this intriguing tool.

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