Greece’s island of Kea contains a number of low rocky hills. In this unique environment, Cometa Architects used a construction method called ‘kotounto’ (leaving a dry, humidity-free space between the rock and the building) to utilize native quarried stone that makes the Rocksplit House blend right into the hillside it is built upon.

Designed to accommodate a family of four, the residence consists of three volumes, each clearly marked by its function. The quarried stone is accented by horizontal cement surfaces. Outside, some walls of stone are bleached lighter to add contrast. The interior of this expansive vacation house is decorated with minimalistic furnishings, while the use of natural materials and large windows and doors help provide temperature regulation throughout the dwelling.

There is in-floor heating and a number of shaded patios to enjoy the Mediterranean climate and ambiance. A traditional system to deflect water from the foundations assures the Rocksplit House will be providing comfort and shelter for many years to come.