Whether you are headed out to the great outdoors or just chilling and grilling on the patio, the Uuni 3 Wood-Fired Pizza Oven may be not only the best but also the last outdoor wood-burning grill you will ever need, due to its lasting, rugged construction and efficiency.

Building on the success of its predecessor, the Uuni 2, this clever grill has added several new features. The strong 439 stainless steel will never rust even in your outdoor kitchen, while the fully insulated body that works in conjunction with the cordierite stone baking board, is said to deliver an extremely even and controllable heat to your food.

The Uuni 3 burns responsibly and sustainably sourced wooden pellets whose concentrated energy can bring the Uuni up to 932°F in as little as 10 minutes. It’s perfect for a wide variety of meats and vegetable dishes, and best of all can bake a wood-fired Neapolitan pizza in a mouthwatering one minute.

Buy From Huckberry $300