There was a time when your laptop’s onboard battery life limited your mobility to just a few hours. The Line Dock Laptop Power Bank ($150) expands that range exponentially. Line Dock is a huge 20,000mAh portable battery that can extend your off-grid time by as much as 15 hours although it can do even more than just keep you computing into the night. It also provides up to 1 terabyte of onboard storage, an active cooling unit for your laptop and USB-C hub for charging other devices wirelessly!

The LINE DOCK offers nine connection ports that let you connect almost any of your legacy devices and the SD card gives increased speed for uploads and downloads. The patented laptop cooling system doesn’t just fan your computer but creates a direct cooling of as much as 20°F.

Designed with the MacBook and MacBook Pro in mind, the LINE DOCK comes in three sizes, 12″, 13″, and 15″ and fits securely under your laptop. Its ruggedness is assured with its 7075 aluminum alloy shell and is incidentally only 9mm thick, meaning minimum bulk added to your gear.