Anyone who is the least bit inclined to cook knows the importance of a good, sharp knife in the kitchen. I am aware of that so I own a few decent knives. And when the opportunity presented itself to try the all-black Edge of Belgravia’s Precision Chef Knives,($107- four piece set) I said sure, why not? They looked awesome, futuristic and different, but honestly I didn’t think they would perform as good as my other traditional blades. Turns out I was wrong.

The professional set came including a chef’s knife, a bread knife, a piece for filleting and boning fish, and a slicing knife with recesses for getting super-slim slices of salmon, cured meat, etc. Each blade is made of a stainless steel (5Cr15MoV) that’s easy to sharpen, and is covered in non-stick coating, while the handles feature a diamond-like facet shape which I found to feel incredibly comfortable in hand. I mostly used the chef’s knife (7,5”/19cm), a tool that quickly became my favorite for slicing & chopping. It’s lightweight, yet sturdy without tiring my wrist, and the handle features a matte surface & finger grip that allow for easy, safe manipulation.

I have to admit, at first I was attracted by the sleek design of these knives – they’re now an attention grabbing piece on the counter, complemented by the equally-cool Black Diamond float knife block – but I ended up being sold by their excellent cutting capabilities. I think they absolutely nailed it with made “for precision in cooking.”

Edge of Belgravia's Precision Chef Knives 2

Edge of Belgravia's Precision Chef Knives 5

Edge of Belgravia's Precision Chef Knives 4

Edge of Belgravia's Precision Chef Knives 3