Modern materials and organic elements can combine quite nicely. Add a minimalist design into the mix and you’ve got yourself a winner! Just take a look at the Symbol Audio Stereo Console ($3,500+) and you’ll understand what we mean.

These beautiful consoles are handcrafted in New York’s Hudson Valley from solid wood, and finished with durable low sheen lacquers. Assembling is done following buyers’ specifications, with a wide range of chromatic and material combinations to choose from, and optional LP storage bins. Compatible with multiple audio input sources such as your iPod and TV, the console will dress perfectly with a turntable on top. These furniture grade cabinets are not only pleasant to look at, they actually pack some powerful quality audio. Promising immersive sound, the Symbol Audio Stereo Console features a high efficiency 2.1 class D amplifier, two 4″full range speakers (8 watts per channel) with titanium cones, and a 8″subwoofer (15.5 watts) with rubber surround. Here’s a chance to use those vinyls you forgot about. via

Symbol Audio Stereo Console 1

Symbol Audio Stereo Console 3

Symbol Audio Stereo Console 4

Symbol Audio Stereo Console 5