Start talking about muscle cars and the Chevrolet Camaro is sure to come up before long. Automotive restoration company Timeless Kustoms out of Camarillo (California) loves working on this iconic model and were ready to go when Major League Baseball pitcher Brad Penny brought his in for what was originally intended as a simple tuning. Enter the 1969 Chevrolet Camaro by Timeless Kustoms ($NA).

But Timeless Kustoms works on cars inside and out and soon they had the twin-turbo 380 Chevrolet ‘LSX’ engine matched to a ‘tremec wide-ratio’ 6-speed transmission and producing over 750 horsepower. On the outside, the bumpers were tightened up, the drip rails removed, a custom built rear wing was added, as well as an undercar diffuser for extra stability at speed. Extractors were attached to the hood to improve airflow to the intercoolers, while in the cockpit, they inserted a Marquez-style dash with analog gauges to monitor the mechanical functions. By the time Penny’s Camaro was polished off with a BMW-based ‘Sparkling Graphite’ paint job, everyone knew they had hit a home run.