Undermountain House

By designing the Undermountain House, O’Neill Rose Architects demonstrated how balanced a home can be with its environment.  This elongated construction set in Sheffield, MA, USA, has one end anchored firmly into the hill while the other is suspended over a manicured wetland that leads under the house to the footbridge at the entry way, where it flows through the boulder strewn channel carrying the excess into the meadow below.

There is a the screened porch that can be modified and enjoyed year-round because of the large fieldstone fireplace and interchangeable screened and glass wall panels.  This long structure is blatantly home to canines as well, as lower-than-normal windows afford the family dogs excellent views out – just like their two-legged friends get.

Angled to withstand the mountain storms, this principally cypress structure is strengthened both structurally and aesthetically with the fields tones used in its base.  While covered on the outside with cypress stained an ebony black, the interiors utilize clean, light filled interiors, focusing attention on the captivating rural setting.

Berkshire House