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Technically a root cellar, the Weltevree Groundfridge (10K+) is an underground room that maintains cool temperatures year round.  Cool enough to keep wine, fruit, vegetables, cheese, cured sausage, etc perfectly preserved – without using a single drop of electricity in the process.

Offering a storage volume of 3000 liters (the equivalent of about 20 European fridges, or 6 US ones), the hand-laminated polyester unit can be stuffed with half a ton of food (survival enthusiasts take note!).  Inside you get a wooden handrail and shelving, plus optional features like a cabinet and LED lights with a solar-powered battery.  You can rest assured nothing unwanted will get inside and drink all your Burgundy wine, as the cellar is airtight, water-tight & vermin-resistant, and it also packs an app-operated ventilation system for monitoring the temperature and humidity.

In addition, the Groundfridge doesn’t require any permits to be installed, nor any soil need be carried off of the premises; just dig a hole, drop it in and put the dirt back on top.  The covering layer of soil (3.38ft / 1 meter thick) should hold a steady temp of 50° – 53° Farenheit (10 – 12 °Celsius) throughout the year.  Now all you need is a garden and lots of wine veggies.

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