Now that robot vacuums are practically ubiquitous in almost every home, manufacturers strive to constantly innovate their products to suit our ever-changing needs. We have previously reviewed several makes and models in the past, and there are a few that stand out. One of the best robot vacuum and mop combos we’ve had the opportunity to review is the yeedi vac 2 pro.

This bad boy boasts a suite of improvements over their previous version that makes it worth the upgrade. Thanks to yeedi, we had the opportunity to get a “hands-on” or should we say “hands-free” experience with their latest offering. It packs all the bells and whistles one would expect from a modern automated cleaning tool. In fact, we believe it’s one of the best robot vacuum and mop units out there.

Self-Emptying Robot Vacuum Cleaner

If this is your first yeedi robot vacuum, it’s important to know that there are two options available. The standalone yeedi vac 2 pro and the yeedi vac 2 pro and self-emptying station bundle. The best value in our opinion would be the latter as it offers the best convenience.

No need to regularly dump out the dustbin. The self-emptying station holds up to 30-days’ worth of cleaning before the bag has to be replaced. Before we get into an in-depth discussion of what it brings to the table here’s a short overview of the yeedi vac 2 pro robot vacuum and mop combo. The unit is designed like a puck and is powered by a 5,200 mAh battery.

The product page notes that it should have enough charge for up to 3.6 hours of continuous operation. Once it’s done cleaning or when the battery is low, it automatically docks into its charging station or self-emptying station to recharge. The package ships with everything essential to get started.

There’s the yeedi vac 2 pro, side brush, mop attachment, power, cord, and charging dock (self-emptying station for the bundle variant). Much like its older models, yeedi ensures usage is intuitive and supplies all the necessary documentation to help you get started. With that out of the way, it’s time to talk about its features.


The yeedi vac 2 pro touts a series of updates to make it even more reliable and versatile than competing brands. Depending on the level of cleaning required, it can adjust the suction power to anywhere between 200 to 3,000 Pa. As the manufacturer says, it “picks up crumbles, dirt and fine dust from both carpet and hard floor for another level of cleaning.”

Then there’s the mop function wherein it uses an oscillating motion to scrub and remove stubborn stains. It works on wood, tiles, and laminate flooring. If you already own the self-emptying station from the previous model, this new SKU will work with it as well. It’s not often that you get backward compatibility like this.

Why Did Yeedi Switch Mopping Systems?

Some of you probably know that a few models in the market were using sonic mopping technology. For those wondering, this is similar to some electric toothbrushes that vibrate at a certain frequency to dislodge particles from your teeth. After continuous testing and research, the manufacturer found that it’s not as effective when applied to the robot vacuum’s mop attachment.

Therefore, they are switching over to a motion that mimics how we manually mop our floors. Instead of vibrating left to right, the mop attachment oscillates forward and back at about 480 times per minute, which is about five-time faster than what we can do. This allows the yeedi vac 2 pro to efficiently clean liquids, stains, and more, off various types of flooring.

Navigation And Object Detection

Thanks to advancements in technology most robot vacuums these days use SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping). Instead of integrating LiDAR, yeedi opts for visual instead. While both have their advantages and disadvantages, the latter gives the vac 2 pro a slimmer profile.

Since there is no LiDAR module protruding on top, this means it can fit into tight spaces underneath furniture and others. Since its visual SLAM components are all enclosed within the housing, it’s not prone to damage from dust and moisture.

The algorithm behind the navigation system is constantly improving. As it stands right now, your vac 2 pro can map your entire home and come up with an ideal path to cover all surfaces. It can save up to three maps, which is helpful if your home has multiple levels.

Users can tweak the settings via the yeedi companion app for comprehensive control over its function. Toggle the water level when mopping, vacuum strength, assign a cleaning sequence, and focus on a specific spot or room, and more. Next is the “3D Structure Light” sensor which gathers visual data in real time.

According to yeedi, it is “the same tech Apple used on FaceID.” In contrast to older models, the vac 2 pro boasts a 10-times improvement in object detection. No need to pick up toys, pet feeding bowls, and other items as it avoids these automatically and detects potential fall hazards like the edge of stairs.

Carpet Avoidance In Mop Mode

We all know some robot vacuums have a carpet cleaning feature wherein the mop head lifts up to prevent damp spots. However, it has limitations when the pile is thicker than average. What the vac 2 pro does is completely avoid carpets when it detects one. It only does this in mop mode but returns and dials up the suction power to clean particles stuck between the fibers.

Our Takeaway

Much like its previous model, we are impressed at how well the yeedi vac 2 pro performs. We also tried it with the self-emptying station we have from their previous sample, and it works like a charm. It’s a perfect device to have at home. Especially when you have pets and kids, as it automatically cleans up the messes on the floor they leave behind. You can grab it now from Amazon for under $349 or pick the bundle with the self-emptying station for $479 from yeedi’s official website. The links are below.

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Purchase it directly from yeedi