Bethesda Game Studios’ highly anticipated action role-playing title Starfield is finally here. It’s exclusively available on PC and Xbox Series X/S which leaves PS5 users without something similar to tide them over for the meantime. As with any major release, developers often partner with other brands to hype up the game and this time it’s with TEMPUR for the Dream Chair.

As odd as this partnership seems to be, the Gamescom 2023 crowd were reportedly starstruck by the unexpected collaboration’s result. It’s no secret that prolonged sitting without proper support can lead to a lot of health problems in the long term.

Hence, gamers typically invest in highly ergonomic seats to combat fatigue and enhance their performance in competitive scenarios. The Dream Chair, on the other hand, is modeled to resemble the cockpit Starfield players regularly see in-game. Its design comes from Nicholas Alexander and features premium TEMPUR memory foam.

As you can probably guess, it would feel like you’re floating but not exactly at the level of zero-gravity weightlessness. Still, this bad boy should enhance immersive gameplay. It can swivel and slide forward/backwards. Adorned with a bold sci-fi theme lifted from Starfield, it would make an awesome addition to any man cave or gaming room.

Although reviews are still a mixed bag, it appears Bethesda Game Studios was able to deliver on many of its promised elements to the delight of most reviewers. So far, everyone agrees that it really feels like you’re out to explore the cosmos, which is why the Dream Chair from TEMPUR is so appealing.

Completing and replaying Starfield would be an experience like no other while seated on the Dream Chair. As a bonus, the modular cockpit includes a curved monitor and a bunch of dials, switches, and buttons that light up. Moreover, each armrest is outfitted with an aluminum joystick.  Sadly, TEMPUR and Xbox have no plans for mass production. Instead, it will be auctioned off at a charity event later this year.

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Images courtesy of TEMPUR/Xbox