Right around the corner is August 19th – National Men’s Grooming Day. Celebrated by men who want to incorporate style and better grooming practices into their routine, Men’s Grooming Day encourages men everywhere to buy and use grooming products and to proactively manage their appearance. Getting on the bandwagon to make sure the body and appearance are appropriately taken care of is what Men’s Grooming Day is all about – and this year, we’re all about Vital Red Light.

As one of the world’s most trusted manufacturers of premium red and near infrared light therapy devices, Vital Red Light provides medical-grade products to use right in the comfort of your home. Today, Vital Red Light therapy devices are being used by thousands of individuals across the world to improve their health in the comfort of their own home. Used by top Hollywood celebrities like Jenna Dewan, Nikki Reed, Brooke Burke, and more, to professional athletes, beauty experts, and doctors worldwide, red light therapy has been shown to be a noninvasive, non-toxic, and beneficial healing modality.

No more expensive clinical sessions, visits to a health spa, or buying devices that do not work. With real results, right at home, Vital Red Light therapy devices are backed by clinical science and are guaranteed to give you the results you are looking for.

Vital Red Light therapy devices use light to boost natural healing and regeneration. By helping to bring your body back to its natural state of balance, you’ll notice an increase in your energy levels, mood, and your body’s overall well-being. While red light therapy is scientifically proven to promote overall health, skin health, hair growth, anti-aging, mental sharpness, pain, and muscle recovery, Vital Red Light also benefits those who struggle with stress, heightened anxiety or depression, sleep disorders, fatigue, weight gain, or if you‘re just looking to jumpstart your health. As a daily essential, Vital Red Light is the perfect gift for anyone looking to improve his or her health at home, or while on the go.

Vital Red Light consists of an at-home, professional-grade red and near-infrared light therapy device collection, which is offered in three sizes: Vital Charge, Vital Pro, and Vital Elite.

Vital Red Light began in 2016 when Founder, Jake Kreuz was diagnosed with Lyme disease. He was left with crippling fatigue, pains, and brain fog for over a year. Frustrated with conventional medicine, he began to look for alternative and natural health solutions to heal his body and feel alive again. He was administered “photobiomodulation”, otherwise known as Red Light Therapy at his doctor’s office and almost immediately noticed a shift in his energy and mood. Jake was an early adopter of red light therapy, and he enjoyed the results – but going to the doctor’s office wasn’t practical (not to mention over $100 per session). Jake wanted a way to bring the technology right to his home, so he spent years developing a medical-grade at-home light therapy device. 

See how Vital Red Light can improve your journey in health and vitality by visiting www.vitalredlight.com for more information and to shop and explore the Vital Red Light device collection. Follow on social media @VitalRedLight