Showers are one of the highest wasters of water reserves, yet they haven’t received any meaningful upgrades in over a century! Well, that is about to change. Say hello to the Nebia Shower, a showerhead that uses 70% less water, reducing your bills substantially.

Featuring what they call “H2MICRO technology”, Nebia is made of premium materials and it was developed with the same science used for aerospace engineering. This means the water gets atomized into millions of tiny droplets, covering 10 times more surface than your regular shower, to keep your water and energy usage to a minimum. It actually uses 6 gallons of water in eight minutes (instead of 20 gallons for a normal showerhead), estimates showing that Nebia will pay for itself in about two years.

Even better, the whole thing mounts easily with an anodized aluminum bracket, it includes a docking wand plus an arm that slides up and down to accommodate different heights, and its head rotates up to 45 degrees. Welcome to the shower revolution! Details in the video

Buy From Huckberry $400

Nebia Shower 1

Nebia Shower 2

Nebia Shower 4