Want a big toy? Want to feel like a soldier? The John Deere line exhibits some impressive vehicles perfect for construction, forestry, ranches and farms. But John Deere aren’t just about these types of settings and uses. The new addition to their range is also aimed for military-type use.

The M-Gator A1 is airdrop certified and an open-air vehicle. The cargo box is versatile, so it can adapt to different weighted loads. Some of the model’s appealing features include a rifle mount to stock both M16 and M4 rifles, keyless ignition, a rollover bar to configure with ships and aircraft carriers, as well as boasting a choice of diesel or JP-8 fueling mixed with a three-cylinder engine.

This model gets in line with the M-Gator A3-T which was built for the specific purpose of transporting tools, soldiers, cargo and testing equipment across military bases and airfields.

Dare To Look?

M-Gator™ A1

M-Gator™ A3-T