In 2021, LG officially discontinued all smartphone operations as it conceded to fellow South Korean consumer electronics group Samsung and other Android OEMs. It’s a shame given how the company came up with cool phones and unique designs. Nevertheless, the brand still excels when it comes to other products. For example, check out the Stanby ME Go.

Right now, the top players vying for a spot in our home entertainment setup are Samsung, Sony, and LG. The former two have been attempting to outdo the other regarding size and other fancy features. Their fierce competition can lead to innovations that would trickle down from their flagship models to their more affordable options.

While its rivals are duking it out for our living rooms, man caves, and bedrooms, LG’s Stanby ME Go targets another segment. At first glance, it looks like a stylish briefcase with a textured shell, carrying handle, and latches. However, it packs an awesome surprise when you pop the lid. It then becomes a portable display for on-the-go viewing sessions.

It’s an ideal piece of equipment for people who are always on the move. Take it with you camping, tailgating, and more. We’re looking at a 27” LCD with a 1920 x 1080 full-HD resolution and a 60 Hz refresh rate. The package includes a remote which comes in handy just like any other regular TV. Still, another unique selling point is the touch controls.

For a truly versatile viewing experience, the LG Stanby ME Go features an articulating arm and a hinge system that allows you to tilt or rotate the panel from landscape to portrait orientation. Built-in four-channel speakers are rated at 20W. Even when outdoors, the brightness should keep images visible. It’s currently available for preorder and units will ship out in the middle of October 2023.

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Images courtesy of LG