“She likes me, she likes me not.” Chant these words a thousand times, but it won’t give you the exact answer. Besides, you just can’t rely on second-guessing whether the girl you like is into you or otherwise.

Interestingly, you don’t need to enroll in a course in women’s psychology either to tell that she likes you, too. You’d be surprised that generally, women are not as complex to read after all.

Here, we pick 23 sure-fire and telltale signs a girl likes you back. This comprehensive guide will help you find a match quicker. On the flip side, it will save you from the sting of being rejected or friendzoned just because you missed the obvious.

These signs are intentional and at times, subconscious ones. Women may either project signs through their body language or their behavior toward you around friends or in public. In whatever ways, the point being is you’d catch and read these clues right. Then, perhaps take things to the next level from there.

So, let’s start discussing the clear signs you need to look out for to know she is interested in you. Also, read some important caveats to remember at the end.  

1Girl putting her lipstick on

She does the “catwalk” posture

Any girl who likes you wants to project her best self each time she’s near you. Subconsciously, she tries to improve her posture knowing you’re looking at her.

She licks her lips and accentuates her hips as models do on the catwalk as she walks past you, or what’s called the “catwalk posture.”

Add to that, she preens herself and puts herself together, which looks kind of hot. She runs her fingers through her hair, straightens her dress, pushes her neck out, stands tall, and pulls her stomach in.

A study by Monica M. Moore in 2010 reveals that women do preening, primping, and pouting when they’re around a man they are attracted to. They may even put a lip gloss on to look attractive. But let’s admit it. Men also often preen when they are around the girl they like.

2Open body language

She uses an open body language

Feet can give you a clue if a girl likes you. Yes, you read that right. Psychologists say how a girl moves her feet whenever you’re around is among the obvious non-verbal hint that someone likes you.

Why is it so? Because pretty often, we humans don’t mind our feet while being with one of romantic interest.

Now, if her feet tend to point toward you, read it as a good sign. If their feet point in another direction, say toward a door then don’t get your hopes up that she might be into you as well.

When she’s sitting with their feet away from her body, it means she’s relaxed around you and a telltale sign that she’s comfortable spending time with you. On the contrary, if she tends to sit with her legs tightly crossed, it means she’s uneasy or uncomfortable with you around.

Also, a woman’s body can subconsciously send clues to a man she’s attracted to, just like her feet. During a conversation with you, she draws her body closer to you and gives you her undivided presence, simply indicating that she also likes you.

If she does not move her body an inch toward yours, it’s a bad sign. You’re likely to be friendzoned.

3eye contact

She keeps longer eye contact

As per FBI behavioral analyst Jack Schafer, people look at people they like and avoid looking at people they don’t like. It makes sense, doesn’t it? A meeting of the eye pretty often means you are into each other.

So, how does it work exactly? A girl is interested in you if she keeps longer eye contact with you when you gaze at her. Once her eyes wander to your mouth, she’s clearly into you and even imagining you kissing her.

Some girls are shy types that she looks away quickly as soon as you catch her looking. If you notice her doing this, it’s best to close in on her and spark a conversation.

Another clear sign that she’s interested is when you two are out with friends, she looks at you first to see your reaction after saying something. The two of you meet eye to eye frequently. She also sees to it to sit close enough to you to have some personal space.

Now, a girl is most likely not interested when she avoids eye contact and rather looks around the room.

4breaking down touch barrier

She breaks down the “touch barrier”

This clear sign is an easy one to spot. A woman who likes you gets affectionate with you. She’s linking her arms to yours or lightly placing her hand on your legs when seated next to each other.

She’s touching your hair or she’s preening you, which means picking lint off your shirt. If she touched you more than five times particularly on the knee, shoulder, or arm, she’s breaking down the touch barrier.

Schafer emphasized that a woman may lightly touch the arm of the person they are talking to. But this light touch is not an invitation to a sexual encounter, rather it merely shows that she likes you.

To test the water if she likes you, try to lightly touch her hand. If she’s quick to pull away, she’s not comfortable with it. This could unnecessarily mean she’s not into you and she’s just nervous. She just needs time to feel comfy with you.

Note that it depends on how naturally affectionate she is as a person. You can crosscheck this sign by observing her with other people. When she’s also touchy-feely with the others, it’s not a good sign knowing she pulled away from you.

5being shy

She blushes

Blushing normally happens when a person is triggered by emotional stress associated with shyness, fear, anger, or romantic stimulation. You notice a pink tinge on a girl’s face when she blushes.

A woman would blush when she’s around you, even just by noticing her or smiling at her. Her face also turns red especially when you throw her a nice compliment on her looks. The caveat here, though, is that she doesn’t easily blush around other men, too.


She mirrors your behavior

“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” This is an old saying that best explains why people mirror each other.

Simply put, we want to be like the ones we like and it’s as well true for any romantic connection. When a girl has a romantic attachment with you, she subconsciously mirrors your behavior and body language.

According to psychologists, mirroring is a huge sign that a girl you like has the same feelings for you. A girl you like shares the same level of energy you have or use the slang words you do. In this case, there’s good rapport and high attraction between the two of you.

Researcher and author Jane McGonigal of the New York Times bestseller, “Reality Is Broken,” defines mirroring as a “love detector.”

McGonigal explained that most often, we mirror the people we like with our facial expressions, body language, and even with our breathing and heart rates.


She gets nervous

A girl is definitely into you if she gets nervous and awkward every time she’s with you. She tends to fidget while talking to you, so take notice of these subtle things. It’s either she talks less and lets you do the talking or she gets chatty with you.

You may want to take note of the seven body language clues which indicate that someone is nervous around you. It includes touching her face, blinking a lot, compressing her lips, or playing with her hair.

Also, she rubs her hands or squeezes them together, interlace her fingers, or even yawning, not because she’s bored. Yawning, according to research, helps regulate body temperature by breathing cool air into the nose and mouth.

Here’s a helpful tip: to make a girl you like to feel comfortable with you, be agreeable, and spark a warm, friendly conversation.


She’s curious

Another telltale sign that a girl likes you is she’s pretty much curious about you. She asks you a lot of questions about yourself. That includes asking you about little things such as your favorite color, ice cream flavor, and whatnot.

She is also throwing personal questions about your life. It’s proof that she wants you to open up and let her into your depths. She’s up to keep your conversation going and interesting and develop a closer connection with you.

A woman isn’t into you if she seems not to care, there will be radio silence in between conversations. You’d notice that she’s not invested in talking with you, thus, not attracted to you.

9Speaks softer

She speaks softer

It’s an interesting fact to know that a girl alters the tone and pitch of her voice when talking to someone she’s into. Her voice gets softer and huskier. You can take it as a sign that she also likes you.

A 2014 study suggests that changes in pitch and tone are a natural act of human courtship. It further found that modulation F0 can up proception between couples during the early stages of dating.

10making plans

She makes plans with you

This social clue is dead obvious to indicate her interest in you. She won’t think twice to say yes when you invite her to eat out. If she already has other plans, she will reschedule. She’d tell you when she will be available.

A girl who likes you truly loves to spend time with you to know you better. Time just passes by and realize you have been bonding around each other for five hours.

When a special event comes up, she invites you to go with her. So, in the slightest, she is giving you a hint that she wants you to be a part of her future. This tells you from seeing a movie on weekend to attending weddings with her. If this happens, she’s totally into you.

11talking with friends

She tells her friends about you

Most, if not all women, usually tell their friends about a guy they’re interested in. It’s women’s nature to talk about a potential match with their closest friends to somehow know their opinion of you.

So, now you ask yourself how you would find out if she even told her circle of friends about you. Most often, she will unintentionally or give you a clue when she’d say things like, “My girlfriends would love to meet you!”

As she involves her friends in her state of affairs with you, it’s a clear signal that she wants more than just friendship. If she involves her friends along the way, she intends to hang around with you for a while. And see where it leads to.

12asking about dating life

She asks about your dating life

If a girl likes you, she starts to look at the chance of a romantic relationship with you. Hence, she wants to know if there’s anything that will get in the way like a girlfriend or special female friends.

Once she shows any indication that she’s jealous of other women in your life, this is a telltale sign that she has feelings for you.


She glows, literally

It’s a wonder what love does to a woman. She looks her best, she noticeably blooms like a flower. And Science has an explanation for this phenomenon.

When a girl feels an attraction toward the opposite sex, her body releases the love hormone known as Oxytocin which increases blood flow. An increased blood flow promotes a healthy flow of nutrients, resulting in that healthy glow.

So, when she’s into you, you make her glow. “When we like someone, our pores open, allowing more oil secretion and our skin gets shinier,” life coach and body language guru Tiffany Toombs explained.

Moreover, research from the University of Kent interestingly found that a woman’s pupils will dilate every time she looks at a man she’s attracted to. Try to check her pupils in standard light level to see if her eyes are bigger than average whenever she’s around you.

14revealing plans

She reveals her personal life

If a girl likes you, she won’t have trouble revealing her personal life to you. Even though you only went out or texted a few times, your conversation goes deeper just telling you what her favorite movies are. She shares with you her greatest fears, her dreams, and all that.

All these are too personal to share with the rest of the world. If she does, then you have a special place in her life.

On the lighter side, she lets her guard down so you see her dorky or nerdy side when you’re together. In short, she feels she can be herself around you and she trusts you, which isn’t easily earned.

15Using the we word

She uses the “we” word

When a girl starts using the “we” word, which refers to you + her, is a strong sign that would like you and her to become a “we.” She considers sharing her future with you as a couple.

It further means she thinks of the two of you as one. What’s great about this is you are no longer a stranger in her life.

So, pay attention to the “we” word. It’s a powerful signal to look out for if you want to know how interested she is as a potential mate.

16Giving undivided attention

She gives her undivided attention

When you hang out one-on-one, you can easily notice if a girl is into you. How? By giving you her undivided attention. No distractions. No checking of her social media accounts in front of you or taking or making calls. As simple as that.

She might send text in between and sneak on her Instagram (perhaps to post some of your pics together). But she’s still completely engaged with your conversation while having coffee or dinner.

You can tell she likes you that much if she puts down her phone on the table and focus on you instead.


She texts regularly

Speaking of phones, you can also tell a girl likes you by how often she texts you. If she does at least every other day, it’s a good indicator that is interested in you. She has thought of you and wants to check on you.

She does not only text you frequently, she sees to it that she quickly responds to your messages. She does not send you replies in one word with a period like “fine,” “ok,” or “hey” when you initiate texting her. Instead, she keeps the exchange of texts going.

If you do get one-word responses, it could spell an unrequited love.

18Love for cooking

She shares similar interests

Take it as a hopeful sign if the woman you like often agrees with you on many things. It means you share similar interests especially in things that matter to both of you.

It shows your chemistry is high for a potential love match. It also explains the very reason she likes you back.

Based on what is called the “Similarity Principle”, people like to be around others who also have the same interests, say in fitness, movies to watch, taste buds, beliefs, and so on. This way, you enjoy spending time with each other.

You can just imagine if you two have different personalities. You’d likely argue often that in such a case, you will find it difficult to develop a potential relationship into a happy-ever-after.


She laughs at your dad jokes

Women typically like a guy with a good sense of humor. So, when you can make her laugh at your jokes, she must be into you. Why? Because she wants to let you feel good around her and not embarrassed.

She doesn’t want to snub your efforts to make her smile and laugh. When you feel appreciated, it means you’d hang out with her again. She likes the idea of spending more time with you to get to know you better.

She still finds your dad jokes funny. She’s interested if she’s engaged in your conversation. If you see her smile and giggle while talking with you, chances are she’s hooked on you.

20Asking help

She asks help on little stuff

It’s pretty obvious that if a woman likes you, she will go out of her way to get your attention. She asks help from you on little stuff, the silly ones.

For example, she asks you to teach her how to download a podcast or a video game to her smartphone. Suddenly, she’s “too short” to reach something from a top shelf. But it’s gotta be more than just asking for help. She must be sending signals that she’s a damsel in distress that needs saving.

All this happens when you’re near her to make sure you’d be there for the “rescue.” Just keep in mind, it is a sign


She coyly lets you know she’s single

A woman coyly drops this major signal to a man she likes. She’s dropping hints that she’s single if she tells you how she hasn’t found the right one yet.

Also, she talks about not wanting to go to this dinner alone and she needs someone to go with her. You’re dead clueless if you don’t realize that she’s interested in the two of you going together. Most likely, she’s just waiting for you to say you’d take her.

22Making time

She makes time for you

Time is a valuable and scarce resource we don’t simply waste on something or someone. So, when a woman makes space on her calendar for you, she surely likes you, a lot.

Author of Choose Love: A Simple Path to Healthy, Joyful Relationships Margot Schulman said a girl certainly likes you if she makes time for you.

This clear sign gets much better when she usually makes herself available to you not only in person. She also picks up your call or replies to your text amid her hectic schedule. She wouldn’t bother to do any of these if she doesn’t even like you in the first place.

23Interaction on social media

She interacts with you on social media

Once a girl starts to connect herself to you publicly on her Instagram, FB, Twitter, and other social media pages, she’s most likely interested in you. She’d likely do the following stuff to let everyone her interactions with you:

  • tags only you in her posts
  • posts pictures she took with you in it
  • reacts to your posts
  • shares things to your wall

She’s doing all these things on social media on purpose as her way of showing off the hot guy she met. Everyone on her friends’ list will know you like how much you’re into each other and you are hers.

Important Caveats to Remember

Some cues are complex and some, subtle, so see to it that you interpret these signs within the context of a particular situation.

Don’t chase a girl. It will be a waste of time and energy other than you will look desperate. They say there are many fishes in the sea. Expand social circles to meet a potential mate.

One signal indicating a girl likes you doesn’t merit unwanted advances. She’s just trying to make you do the first move like asking her out on a first date and see where it leads.

A woman who doesn’t look at you while you attempt to engage her in a pep talk is not interested. Don’t assume she’s playing hard to get. It’s as simple as she’s not into you.

But If a girl likes you, you don’t have to try so hard. It will feel effortless, simple, and natural. If the feelings are mutual, it’s meant to be. That’s how it goes.