Back when what mattered to discerning audiophiles was purely the quality of sound, Harman Kardon blew everyone away with the first-generation SoundSticks. The original release was just the subwoofer component co-developed with Apple called the iSub. To this day, the use of transparent elements is often associated with the brand. Thus, it becomes a defining feature of this Gramophone mini speaker concept.

With a market flooded with Bluetooth speakers of all shapes and sizes, you need something that carries a unique visual impact. As we pointed out before, sometimes, minimalist details can go a long way. This Gramophone mini speaker is a creation of Wagner Pozebon and Grunge Design.

The understated outline of its housing makes it look like a display box. Upon closer inspection, you’ll notice that the transparent cover forms a sound horn of classic record players. It spirals ever so slightly around and ends just above the upward-firing speaker cone.

We love the retrofuturistic motif of the Harman Kardon Gramophone concept. In fact, it makes us wish that the company would just purchase the blueprints. They should mass produce it for people like us to purchase. Anyway, it would definitely fit in with the brand’s lineup of transparent products.

You’ll find very minimal branding here as it only has the Harman Kardon script on the front section of the base. Below are the touch controls that also light up. Just imagine a setup wherein you have a pair of these Gramophone mini speakers. Hook them up to the transparent turntable concept from URUSS Design and what you have is a see-through work of acoustic art.

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Gramophone front Gramophone side Gramophone Sound Horn Closeup Gramophone colors

Images courtesy of Wagner Pozebon/Grunge Design