Briston is a new watch brand from France, founded by Brice Jaunet, a man who has worked with big names like Cartier, Richemont, Baume & Mercier, and Zenith. So, the guy is a veteran in the industry, we get it! His brand(worth keeping an eye on) designs lifestyle watches- a range of affordable trendy timepieces that are built with high-quality materials. We’re talking about the Japanese quartz movements by Citizen, the Italian tortoise shell, or the stitched NATO nylon strap.

In our humble opinion, these cool and retro looking timepieces can be worn with both casual and formal clothes. The superb quality and the low price range of these watches will surely appeal to a wide variety of potential buyers. The Briston watches range from $175,00-$365,00. We’ll have one of each, please!