Life on the Pacific Rim can be hard on islands like Japan. Typhoons and earthquakes are frequent occurrences and energy structures need to be designed to be safe even in an emergency. One perfect example of such structure is the AGNI Hutte Stove ($TBA), a heating/cooking device that won awards for its safety features to prevent fire spills or breaks. The utilitarian shape of this stove is rendered artistically in the wooden knobbed levers and heavy frame around the fire chamber door. Inside there’s a catalytic filter for increased combustion that produces reduced waste emissions. A plate hook can be hung inside and the AGNI Hutte is made for easy cleaning. A warming shelf is optional for extending the kitchen motif.

Nearly a third of the island of Japan is still covered in the cypress and cedar trees planted after World War Two. nThese rapidly growing species require a routine culling and this wood burning stove was made for utilizing that for heating. Its compact form has a flat top for heating and cooking without losing its charm as a droidy piece of furniture standing around your house. [via]