Mosquitos aren’t just pesky, buzzing bugs, they’re also carriers of disease. This is why most people go to considerable lengths to ensure that these insects are kept well away from homes and outdoor areas. Well, if you’re looking to revolutionize your efforts, there is no better way to do this than with the fledgling Radius Mosquito Repellent

Radius is the brainchild of Thermacell, which is currently launching a Kickstarter campaign in support of their new product. Not only is Radius a technology-fuelled approach to bug zapping, it has also been accredited by the EPA as being environmentally-safe. The product uses a naturally occurring repellent derived from Chrysanthemum flowers. On top of this, Radius creates a safe zone of about 110 square feet around you and your family. It has also been designed to run on battery power which makes it portable and perfect for the outdoors as well.

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