Some products are so iconic they seem to be able to go for years without having to change or redesign. It is as though their evolutionary balance has been met in a nigh-perfect form. Such has been the pleasant fate of Red Wings Irish Setter Boots ($320-$340) for over the last sixty years. Beyond a few subtle upgrades to construction technique and a switching from a wedge-soled heel to one of white crepe rubber, the Irish Setter has been the go-to boot for hunters, workers, or anyone with difficult paths to tread.

The Red Wing Heritage series just released is a limited edition of the two Irish Setter silhouettes – the Moc and the Pecos. To further fuel the connection to those beginning days of the 1950’s, Red Wing dusted off some old machines and inventory to partially create them with both the same techniques and same equipment that was used over 60 years ago. They are dyed the same ‘Gold Russet Sequoia’ color and are sewn with the same mahogany and sage thread as the originals and given authentic leather laces. [via]