The Woodnest is a luxury treehouse in the beautiful town of Odda, Norway. It sits nestled among trees and six meters above ground so you can feast on the beauty of the Hardanger fjord.

This is a hidden gem tucked away in the woods that provides panoramic mountain views and luxurious accommodations. This is no ordinary treehouse. Its design alone is unique as it has the shape of a pine cone. Glass windows provide open views on sunsets and sunrise while providing protection. A wooden bridge with railings paves the way toward the door to the house.

Moreover, the Woodnest has modern furnishings you can find in a grounded house. It has electricity, a small kitchenette, a mini-fridge, and a fast internet connection so you can make the most out of your stay away from home. It also has a flushing toilet and a shower; amenities that are often separately built.

Best of all, each treehouse has wood floors equipped with a heating system to keep you cozy and warm during chilly nights. Beddings and towels and free parking space are also available. You can have breakfast served too if you want for the complete hotel-like stay.

Norwegian architects Helen & Hard designed the Woodnest with 15m2 of living space. It can fit four people inside even with a living tree left to thrive in the middle of the structure. The materials used are locally sourced with the finest black alder wood fashioned for the interior and handcrafted chairs produced and designed in Norway.

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Images courtesy of Woodnest