By now, it should be clear that single-use plastics are the biggest contributors to waste. These end up in landfills and our oceans. Being non-biodegradable means they’re not going anywhere unless we intervene. Thankfully, there is a growing effort among big companies to find new uses for these materials. LEGO is the latest to adopt the trend for its versatile bricks.

We love regularly featuring new releases from the Danish toymaker. In fact, some of its most recent kits include a typewriter, the Infinity Gauntlet, and R2-D2, among others. All of these still use high-quality ABS plastic but the future sets from LEGO might shift to something more sustainable.

According to sources, the new bricks will be made out of recycled plastic bottles or PET (polyethylene terephthalate). Given most people consume their beverage out of these containers, it’s no wonder the environmental impact it brings to the table is alarming.

LEGO points out that they are still currently in the prototype stages. Moreover, although these already look like their regular products, more testing needs to be conducted before these are ready for mass production. Those hoping to grab these as gifts this holiday season need to wait a while.

So far, these need to pass strict quality control requirements. LEGO wants to ensure it “feels, sounds and clicks just like the original. According to the company, they are partnering with a specialist supplier of recycled PET plastic.

Given the abundance of waste plastic ending up in places where it shouldn’t be, there should be enough raw materials to meet the demand. Sinking years of research into an eco-friendly alternative is paying off for LEGO. Even though it will take some time before these end up in store shelves the effort is remarkable nonetheless.

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Images courtesy of LEGO