We’re willing to bet that the tech-savvy folks among our readers already own a 3D printer at home. It was only a matter of time and technology before the capability to print items in more than just two dimensions was possible. As advancements continue applications extend beyond small objects. In fact, Europe’s largest 3D-printed structure will soon rise in Germany.

The exact location will be in Heidelberg, otherwise known as the “city of science.” According to reports, the building will become a data center and offer cloud hosting services for the local IT group. Preparation for the cutting-edge venture began on March 31, 2023, and is expected to culminate before July ends.

Overseeing every aspect of this project is PERI 3D Construction and the machine in question is sourced from the Denmark-based group COBOD. A notable aspect of this attempt is the use of 100% recycled materials, which positions it as a sustainable option for the future. The BOD2 3D printer is supposedly capable of completing up to 43.10 square feet per hour.

As long as there are no setbacks, it is estimated that the Heidelberg 3D-printed building’s walls will only take approximately 140 hours to finish. The blueprints indicate a structure that measures 177.20 feet long, 36 feet wide, and stands about 30 feet tall. Furthermore, the entire process is claimed to be 55% more eco-friendly when it comes to carbon emissions.

PERI 3D Construction GmbH Managing Director Dr Fabian Meyer-Brötz stated, “based on parametric design, the special wall design used in the building documents the immense design freedom that the COBOD BOD2 3D printer enables. We are very proud to be able to realize our largest building to date with this project.”

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Images courtesy of PERI 3D Construction/COBOD