Hurry up! Daily Steals is currently selling an unlocked BlackBerry PRIV with AT&T branding for a huge $200 discount and the offer ends in 3 days.

If you’re in the market for BlackBerry’s first Android powered smartphone, the PRIV, but aren’t too happy with the $649 price tag, then this deal is for you. You can now grab this awesome BlackBerry PRIV deal and avail a $200 discount.

Daily Steals has the unlocked PRIV, with AT&T branding, for $449 at the moment. Since this is an unlocked handset, it will work on other GSM networks as well.

Recently, BlackBerry CEO John Chen admitted that the price for the PRIV was too high, which is why the device didn’t sell well. BlackBerry launched the PRIV at $699, and only recently cut the price by $49, which is still not enough.

Two new mid-range BlackBerry devices will be launched this year, running Android, one with a keyboard and one without. These devices are expected to be priced around $400, which should help the company make some profit from the smartphone division.

The PRIV didn’t sell well, and will probably continue to do so if the price isn’t reduced further. The PRIV is a good smartphone, it has a nice big display, a full BlackBerry style keyboard, a slider design, and is a very secure Android device. Therefore, if you were planning on acquiring one, then do make use of this deal. The device is soon set to receive the latest Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow update as well.

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