When it comes to the Armed Forces, they need to have the best of the best to do their jobs. This is particularly true of the military side of things as there is a need for everything from tactical backpacks to the right shoes. It should come as no shock that watches would be part of this too. The question is, who are the best military tactical watch brands around currently?

If we’re being honest here, there are quite a few. In fact, there’s so many that you’d be shocked by it. The reason for this is that great tech, tactical, clothing, and watch companies are in on the fun these days. There are great brands out there that make some impressive automatic watches for men, for example.

Meanwhile, impressive tactical brands have gotten in on making watches too. They tend to make amazing tactical flashlights, pants, pens, you name it. Those brands are great at what they do, but the main focus, here, is military watches and the brands that are best in this field.

The troubling fact here is that we found so many brands that we loved. It truly was hard to determine the best few among them, but you can rest assured that every brand below makes the best military watches in the world.

Without any further delay, let’s discuss the best tactical watch brands in the world currently.




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Suunto is one of our favorite watch brands for good reason, they make amazing watches for just about anything you need one for. A lot of the time, people assume they don’t need watches due to the world now having cell phones.

However, there are many points when a cell phone will be of no use to you.

Suunto realized this, like other military watch brands, and narrowed down where they could be essential. They focused on the market of sport, diving, and other recreational activities. This also took them toward the Armed Forces, when they knew a clear need was present.

Suunto now has some of the best watches in the world for everything it seems, yet they still offer customizable watches to fit those with very specific needs.

Their watches are, quite frankly, tough as nails and offer a lot to the buyer. Depending on the watch you buy, they come with a steps counter, heart monitor, GPS navigation, weather alerts, altitude counter, depth counter, and much more.

Obviously, a lot of these watches can connect to the internet as they must be able to do so in order to do their job well. Yet this is a great thing even more than people assume. Suunto has an application that allows you to track where you’ve been and how long it took you to get there.

This means if you wore one of these watches while lost…the app could quite literally save your life.

The Suunto Spartan Watches Are A Military Man’s Dream

There are several watches at Suunto to keep your eye on, like the Spartan, Traverse, and Novo series of watches. The Spartan watches are made specifically for active wear and are nearly impossible to break. In fact, they’re all often made out of titanium to ensure they won’t break easily.

All of them can last in degrees as low as -4F or -20C. They’re all usually great on their battery. With the “on-mode” version of the watch, the battery can last up to 14 days. Seriously, how many batteries can do that for other technology you own, right?

Plus, they’re all rechargeable. That means you won’t need to go to some specialty store or call up Suunto every few weeks to get some new battery.

Most of these watches are also water resistant, while the Nova series is waterproof completely. The latter is used mostly for diving, of course.

The prices for the Suunto watches often vary, depending on the watch you’re looking for and what you need it for. Some watches are as low as $200 while others are nearly $1,000 or above.

Ultimately, this brand does it right and deserve to be mentioned as one of the best around.



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Luminox happens to be a brand that has been around for a long time and specialize heavily in military watch styles heavily. They don’t hold back with most of their watches overall, but their military and sports watches are simply amazing.

Luminox is known for creating tough watches that can stand up to quite literally anything. In fact, a lot of boys growing up were given Luminox watches in the ’90s because they were tough and helped us keep a track of the time.

The brand is famous for its glow in the dark feature that they use for every watch they make.

The brand actually has deals in place with the United States Coast Guard, Air Force, Navy Seals, and even the Bobsled Team. On top of this, they make watches for the Heliswiss team and several special forces groups and EMS teams around the world.

When you look into the watches from this California-based company, you can see why they’re so well-liked by various organizations. Heck, they even name watches specifically after and for some of those very groups mentioned above.

Luminox Literally Named Watches After Military Organizations

They have a series literally called the Navy Seal Series. Those watches are water resistant up to 200 meters in water or a little over 600 feet. These watches are also scratch resistant and glow in the dark. They’re protected incredibly well by the carbon compound casing, stainless steel back, and PU strap with stainless steel buckles.

All of their watches tend to be water resistant from anywhere between 100 to 500 meters, which is incredible.

They also have an incredible ICE-SAR series of watches that are insanely well made. In fact, they made an entirely new case for them, called the CARBONOX™ case. These watches have anti-reflection coating, a little over 300L stainless steel, and double O-ring crown.

They also have the specialty Luminox glow in the dark feature that will last up to 25 years.

The model also works both in the air and in water for up to 200 meters in the latter. The overall series is simply brilliant, making this series among the best military watches in the world right now.

We could go on and on about Luminox and what they do, but we’d be here all day.

Their prices are relatively reasonable, with watches averaging $300-500. Some, as you’d imagine, go over this. They also do some custom work, so that can get pricey depending on what they need to make. Of course, they typically only do this for specialty groups, such as that of a military or sports franchise, for example.



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Seiko is one of the most notable watch companies in the world today. However, they’re also among the best military watch brands as well. They have specialized in watches for so long that it came as no shock that they’d become a leader in the military watch world eventually.

Today, Seiko clearly knows they have to compete with the other major watch brands around the world. To do this, they needed to make watches that were reasonably priced and did exactly what people needed them to do. Beyond that of just telling time, of course.

They have narrowed down each series, realizing they had to make perfect models for land, air, sea, and street. Of course, each does things that the others may not. For example, the sea series will often be used for those involved in aquatic activities. These watches tend to have a good water resistance of 200 meters or more.

Seiko has been around, making watches, for over 120 years. That means they have managed to evolve with the times. Few companies have done this as well as Seiko, which is why their series line-up of watches are always incredible.

Specifically, their outdoor style watches have landed them on our list of the best military watch brands. This is due to their overall style, price, and what they pack into their watches.

The cool part about the brand is that all of their watches are impressive, regardless of the price. This is why they can make amazing watches for less than $100 that are great for your average school kid. Meanwhile, they can make amazing watches that cost over this for the professional businessmen among us.

In fact, some of Seiko’s best military watches are under $100. The Seiko 5 SPORTS AUTOMATIC, Seiko 5 MEN’S SPORT ANALOG AUTOMATIC, and the Seiko Men’s SNE095P2 Stainless Steel Watch.

They obviously have several more that cross by that $100 mark, but the fact that they offer great line-ups of watches for such a low amount makes them valuable to a lot of people. It is never easy to offer watches at lower prices because a lot can go into making them.

The Seiko Astron 5X Series Is A Feature-Lovers Paradise

Some assume that the more expensive something is, the better made and better quality it is. Seiko did not want people assuming that any of their products were lesser than, which is why they have continued to put as much quality into their less than $100 watches as much as the ones that cross this.

The pride of Seiko appears to be their Astron 5x Series, and this is for good reason. They are well-made, beautiful watches. They’re relatively expensive, however, ranging from $1500 to $3000 in price.

Yet they are made with extreme care. They are titanium with sapphire glass coating, and they have a GPS movement in them. The battery for this side of the watch lasts up to 6 months but can go for 2 years if used conservatively. They’re also good for at least 100 meters of water resistance.

They have ensured that there is no way to be allergic to the metal used in this product. The watches also have proper daylight saving settings with a dual-time function. On top of this is a world time function (39 countries), and satellite acquisition status.

The GPS they have inside the watch turns off when you reach a certain amount of feet in the air. This stops working due to what they call “flight mode.”

We can see why this series is expensive compared to the others in the Seiko brand. Overall, the expense they have seems to be worth it with all you’re getting. As previously mentioned, however, you cannot go wrong with really any Seiko watch, regardless of price.



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Timex is well-known in the world of watches, as they have been one of the best in this field for a very long time. Interestingly, they have found a way to step out with their military watched in a major way.

This puts them among the best military watch brands out there. In fact, they have a number of watches that are specifically designed to be for military use. However, they can be used for several activities beyond this.

What Timex realized was that, while they can make a line or two straight up for military usage, people will see that and want it for other uses too. Who would not want a great watch for any use that is insanely well protected?

The Affordable Allied Series Is A Great Budget Buy

One of these watch lines happens to be called the Allied series. They’re made pretty well, with all of them having a fabric strap. Now, this is key for those who know anything about survival. When you’re in the middle of nowhere and lost, it is useful to have anything that can double as something else.

The fabric from these watches can be removed and opened up with a knife with ease. It can then be used for a number of things. This is not all, as the fabric only touches one small side of things.

They also have something Timex calls their INDIGLO® Light-Up Watch Dial. It helps to keep the watch visible at all times of the day as well as any conditions you might find yourself in. On top of this, you’ll find that they are water resistant for up to 100 meters too.

They also contain a QuickDate® Feature that presents the proper date, regardless of where you are. So if a place is 12 hours ahead of your normal time at home, this will help you stay on the date you’re currently in.

Most of these watches are under $100 too!

Timex Goes Above & Beyond With MK1 & Timex Command™

The Allied Series is great but the second and third series of military style watches from Timex helps to seal them in for a very long time among the best military watch brands. They’re called the MK1 Aluminum Series and Timex Command™ Shock Series. These are brands that put them on the list of the best military watch brands in the world, in our opinion.

If you thought the Allied line had a lot, wait until you check these out. The Timex Command™ Shock Series has the same INDIGLO® Night-Light that the Allied Series has, but this also comes with a Night-Mode setting.

It also comes with a dual mode alarm for vibration and audio alerts and a stopwatch with a 100-hour Chronograph for the lap and split times as well as a 24-hour countdown timer. This model also comes with three different timezone settings, 24-hour display option, Hydration Alarm, and contains the date via Month & Day.

It’s also shock resistant and water resistant for up to 100 meters. This offers legendary durability that Timex is well-known for. They also come in a ton of camo colors that you can choose from.

Meanwhile, the MK1 Aluminum Series contains much of the same things, minus the shock resistance. It’s made from “aircraft-quality steel” according to Timex, making it extremely durable.

It also comes with a fabric strap that slightly differs from the Allied Series, but can offer much of the same things.

While this might be the extent of their straight-up military watches, they have several sports watches like the Ironman Essential, Ironman Original, Ironman Classic, Ironman Transit, Ironman Sleek, Expedition Camper, Expedition Chrono-Alarm, Expedition 39MM, and Expedition Base-Shock Series of watches.

That is not even discussing the options for women.

Just in case you were wondering, Timex does a great job when it comes to pricing their watches. Most of the models brought up above can be purchased for under $200, as well.



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Casio might be known by some for their pianos, but most of us know the brand for its amazing watches. While going over their watches could take us literal days to do, as they have so many, they also have a ton of amazing sports or military watches.

In fact, they’re one of the top military watch brands in the world.

One key thing Casio has tried to do over the years is related to what people wanted and needed, then evolve with it. Like so many other watch brands, they realized where the world was headed and had to get there or be left behind.

When Casio began making watches that used digital tech, they needed to find ways to invent impressive material that differed them from their competition. Timex clearly showed a lot when it came to sports and military watches for one, so how could Casio separate itself?

The Impressive Pro Trek Series

They came up with a few styles of watches that could be used for different occasions. Out of this, we saw the Pro Trek Series. These watches were built to cater to divers, explorers, and those who might consider themselves survivalists.

Many of the watches in this line are different from each other, and due to price, may include different tech.

For example, the PRW2500T-7 Watch is used for people who might go camping or possibly track weather. It happens to have tech in it that can measure close sea tides as well as other weather patterns. This model also has an amazing solar power tech to power it. This watch also has a triple sensor that involves a compass, thermometer, and the depth you might be in.

Meanwhile, if you didn’t need all of that, then a model like the PRG600Y-1 might be best. It too has solar power tech, as well as a digital compass, along with full-auto LED light. This watch differs, however, in that it contains a substantial heat and low-temperature resistance.

That is two watches in a line that includes nearly 40 different watches that all vary in price from $180-$550. Heck, some even have a microphone attached!

Casio’s G-Shock Watches Have Major Depth

Casio’s G-Shock Series happens to be where their best military style watches come from. Ultimately, this is what ranks them as a leader among military watch brands. The best part about this series from Casio is that the line is well-priced on every watch.

They’re all stylish and come in a rainbow of colors for just about every single model. Most have a water resistance of up to 200 meters with some that also include shock resistance. Of course, the normal models in this line reach no higher than $150 per watch. Many are even under $100.

However, the higher-end versions of $900 and above reach new levels of technology that they warned us about in science fiction books.

One called the MTGB1000D-1A model happens to have the power to reach radio frequencies in the air, regardless of location. It even works off of those frequencies to keep the material in the watch like its time and date on the right settings. This is in combination with what the normal G-Shock series watches can do.

However, their G-Steel line within the G-Shock Series might very well be where you find the most play for military types. One on the line called the GSTS300G-1A1 actually has layered resistance to avoid breakage. It’s also solar powered and made from various forged parts like stainless steel and urethane. Many of these range in price, reaching $250 and over.

Some of these have magnetism resistance along with their shock and water resistance. Some actually have world-time functions that adjust for you. They keep all types of people in mind with this series, making Casio’s watch depth the best in the industry.

Overall Impression Of The Best Military Watch Brands

It’s not uncommon to see some of the best watches in the world made by the brands mentioned above. Casio has been at this for years, as has groups like Luminox, Suunto, Seiko, and Timex. They all know what they’re doing and have proven this time and time again when it comes to watches.

That only meant it was natural to see them succeed and become leaders, landing them atop the mountain of military watch brands. These brands have figured out how to land well with consumers from all walks of life. It seems easy to assume that they’ll always overcharge for a watch that costs them 10% of the cost they sell it for.

However, many of these watches are not selling for that type of thing. Plus, you get a lot for what you pay for. From the shock and water resistance to the crazy technology like weather and storm tracking, GPS, and even having ways to trace all of this on a simple application. They’re becoming safety devices with stuff like this.

When discussing the best military watch brands, we will always focus on what they do best. For all of the ones listed, it is simply delivering the best overall product that can be used in any conditions we as men might find ourselves in. Due to this, we cannot recommend these brands enough.

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