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Quietcarry Mini Q 2.0 & The Shorty

Keyrings can be cumbersome and annoying, even when you don’t have a lot of keys there to carry. Combine this with a small knife for daily carry, and your pocket…


QuietCarry Titanium Pocket Knives

Because any EDC kit should contain a reliable blade, and because some of us like a clean, minimal design, the QuietCarry Titanium Pocket Knives ($69+) have just rolled out. With a…


Gerber Flatiron Pocket Knife

It’s hard to spot a pocket knife design that’s more interesting than the rest of the pack, but Gerber Flatiron manages it with no sweat.


Chase Pocket Knife

California’s Quiet Carry is a small independent company creating sleek and ultra-functional everyday carry products that are built with the best quality materials. Their latest release is the Chase –…


iQ Flipper Knives

Borrowing from the illustrious Japanese tradition of Higo knives, developed by blacksmith Sadaharu Murakami at the end of 19th century, Quietcarry’s pocket knife series goes even further with minimalism. When…

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