The new WhatsApp chat update allowing the use of Italics, Bold or Strikethrough in text messages has just been turned on. In fact, you can try it now!

WhatsApp chat now allows text formatting in your conversations.

You can italicize, bold or strikethrough the text messages you send.

This feature was first tested in beta, but now it is available for all users running the updated versions of WhatsApp: Version 2.12.17 on iOS and version 2.12.535 for Android.

In all probability, you already have this WhatsApp update on your iPhone and Android handset, as the update installs automatically.

This update comes soon after WhatsApp made it possible to use solid colored backgrounds in conversations, making WhatsApp chat that much more interesting.

How Text Formatting on WhatsApp Chat Works

On a word processing app, you just click a button to enable this feature. However, it works differently on WhatsApp, where it is hidden in the app and it is enabled by using certain characters.

You can also create combinations of these options by adding relevant symbols to either side of your text.

WhatsApp Update
WhatsApp Text Formatting Combinations

All of the text formatting symbols will work together. Try them!

This new upgrade proves again that WhatsApp Chat is on its way to becoming a full-fledged word processing platform.

Recently, WhatsApp has added several new features; such as using solid colors as the chat background, sharing documents using Google Drive, sending and receiving PDF files, Photo Sharing enhancements and In-Play Zoom among others.

With nearly 42 billion WhatsApp chat messages sent on any given day, this text formatting feature is sure to get users excited.