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The Empire Axe widely regarded as the “big brother” to the Empire Mini GS has become a well renowned paintball marker within the sport. For its price it’s amazing that it can keep up with some of the best high end paintball guns right now. The Empire Axe seeing use in professional tournaments is a testament to just how quality this marker is. Many of the complaints that people had with the Empire Mini series have now been silenced by this. Whether it’s speedball, woodsball, or scenario play, the Empire Axe will satisfy your needs. Known for being extremely reliable, accurate, efficient, sturdy, and simple, you just can not go wrong with a marker like this.

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Overall Rating – 4.9/5



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Notable Features:

Empire Mini GS Assembled ASA in off positionOne improvement on the Axe that wasn’t on the first Empire Mini. (Although it is on the Mini GS) Is the On/Off ASA Regulator, this switch allows players to depressurize their HPA tanks much easier which ultimately leads to not having o-rings break.



Another, and in my opinion, the most important improvements that was included on the Empire Axe was the micro-switch trigger sensor. Previously, on the Empire Mini, the trigger sensor was two magnets, and when the trigger was pressed it would separate the two magnets. When the magnets demagnetized from each other that would trigger a release and allow the gun to shoot the bullet. While that was a fairly unique and cool system, it created opportunities for people to open up the Mini and take that area apart and tamper with it, leading to their markers not firing at all. To avoid these issues, Empire decided to put in a Micro-switch sensor instead which is a much smoother process and will stop any tampering going on with their previous models.

Empire Axe Trigger Finger AreaFor larger players, their biggest gripe with the Empire Mini was the physical size of the marker. Many felt it was much too small for their hands and that led to it being uncomfortable. Well since the Axe is the “big brother” of the Mini, it has eliminated most of the sizing complaints and instead created a large amount of praise, especially in the trigger spacing area. Empire has made their trigger area much larger this time around and it is great. Players have raved about how easy it is now to walk the trigger with how much space Empire has provided. Bigger players have never had issues with their fore-grip hand hitting their trigger finger hand, which is awesome for user experience. Well done from Empire to create such a comfortable experience for users of the Axe.

The threaded clamping feed-neck prevents any hopper misalignment with the gun as well as allowing for a tight, secure fit. The adjustable clamp allows for players to be sure that their hopper is snug and will not fall out if they were to dive for a bunker.

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Criticisms of the Empire Axe

This section will be short seeing as the Empire Axe is quite the quality gun. (Seriously, even players who have sworn off the Mini gave the Axe a chance and they love it) However, here are some things I personally find a bit off-putting by the gun, although these aren’t really gripes with the gun itself just more like things that can be done to the gun.

Tweaking for Max Performance – Many users of the Empire Axe say that when you get it the first thing you should do is fire off a couple of rounds and then go right to tweaking the gun to maximize its effectiveness. While I do agree with tweaking guns to the users preferences, I feel that the gun should come out of the box ready to go, no need for tweaks to maximize anything. Pop on an HPA tank, get your hopper and paint and get going. Overall, nothing too serious, just a small opinion of mine.

Upgrades – This criticism I do side with, the stock 12 inch barrel that comes with the Empire Axe is quite poor (expected, usually stock barrels aren’t the best). I personally would recommend upgrading to a 14 inch Custom Products barrel. It’ll give you an accurate shot while not compromising any of the things the Axe brings to the table.


Just like the Empire Mini GS, the Empire Axe is one of the best speedball markers in its price range. Perfect for any type of player and of any skill level. The fact that professional players have used this paintball marker in tournaments and won is only a testament to the greatness that is the Empire Axe. It’s reliable, efficient, accurate, smooth, and comfortable. You just can’t go wrong with the Axe and it is well worth its price.

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