Snapchat has released a new update for both iOS and Android that brings a new chat interface which includes stickers, instant video or audio notes, and more.

The new update is currently rolling out for both iOS and Android users. In January this year, a leak showed a new chat interface for Snapchat.

Snapchat Update Features

The interface is now being officially called as Chat 2.0 by Snapchat. It includes several new features such as the ability to send photos from your camera roll, stickers, make instant video calls, send video and audio notes, and more.

Basically, the chat interface on Snapchat has received an overhaul. Actions are easier and much faster to perform with the new interface. There’s a standalone button for sending pictures, one for starting a video call, one for audio calls, and one for stickers. Yes, all of these will still disappear after 10 seconds.

When making a video or audio call, if your friend isn’t online, you can leave short 10-second video or audio notes. There are over 200 new stickers to choose from and send to your contacts. You can send photos from your camera roll from the chat interface, while on a video call.

snapchat chat 2.0

Previously, to make a video call, both the contacts had to be online and had to place their finger on the chat icon. In the new update, you can simply start a call and it’ll ring for your friend.

Changes have been made to how Stories are viewed in the new update. Now, when a Story from one contact is finished, the app will automatically play the next one. Tap once to skip snaps in the story, swipe down to exit the story, and swipe left to move to the next Story in your timeline.

Snapchat currently has over 100 million active users every day and its monthly user base is larger than Facebook and WhatsApp. However, the company has to find its own style when it comes to communication. This new update has definitely made the app better while still having that different feel to it. Everything still disappears after a while.

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