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K-Speed Honda Super Cub Scrambler

The K-Speed Honda Super Cub Scrambler is one of the most unusual and funkiest mopeds we’ve ever seen. And yes, it’s a real working model, not a concept. Commissioned by…


2018 Honda Super Cub

Debuted in 1958, the Super Cub has become an iconic presence with its simple no-nonsense urban look and practicality. This month, the commuter motor scooter has reached the 100 million…


Honda Super Cub Scooter Concept

“You meet the nicest people on a Honda” – that was the 1958 slogan that announced the Super Cub, a motorcycle that continues to be manufactured today and which is…


Shanghai Customs Honda eCub2

We had a first look at their awesome prototype last year, and now Shanghai Customs’ retro Honda eCub2 scooter is finally ready for production. Powered by a 1000W electric motor…

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