The Galaxy S8 fingerprint sensor was one of the most anticipated features on the new flagship phone by Samsung. With the phone sporting a 5.8 and 6.2 inches display, the on-screen sensor was supposed to be something to look forward to. But Samsung has changed the location of the fingerprint sensor, and placed it on the back of the phone, just below the camera. Many were wondering why Samsung choose such place, and it seems like we have the answer.

Why the Galaxy S8 fingerprint is on the back?

The simple answer is that Samsung had no time to develop the technology it needed for the Galaxy S8 fingerprint sensor to be on the front. The partner company, with whom Samsung developed the on-screen fingerprint sensor was not able to deliver on time. The company just couldn’t meet Samsung’s deadlines.

Now, while we might not see the fingerprint sensor on the front this year, you should not despair. Chances are Samsung might develop the technology for the Note 8. But one thing is certain, the direction Samsung is moving towards is all screen, and no body. That means that the company will definitely look to develop such technology, maybe for next year’s phone.

Another thing to consider is that Samsung actually wants the iris scanner more than the fingerprint sensor. Last year, when Samsung was promoting the Note 7, the Korean company pushed hard for the iris scanning. According to Samsung, iris scanning is 100 times more secure than fingerprint sensor. And it is much easier to use, since all you have to do look at the front camera sensor.

Release date delayed?

With the news that Samsung had no time for the Galaxy S8 fingerprint sensor, we get news about a delayed release date. So far, we know that Samsung has an event scheduled for March 29. That is the event on which Samsung will announce the new flagship phone.
But the release date was up in the air. Several leaks pointed towards April 21 as the possible release date. Now, we get another report that Samsung has delayed the release date for April 28. That is one more week of waiting for the flagship phone.