For quite some time, we rumored that the Galaxy S8 design will be made in a way that will allow 90:10 display to body ratio. Many believed the statement to be just a marketing hype by Samsung. But as we can see, it turns out it is more of a reality. According to new Samsung Galaxy S8 design leaks and rumors, the final design will feature almost no bezels. There are two things that we can see from the leaked photos.

The new Galaxy S8 Design

So, the question is what is new? For starters, Samsung has ditched the physical home button. This move allows Samsung to improve the display to body ratio. The S6 was the last major design change in the lineup. The Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge brought just a little refinement.

But it looks like the S8 will bring a whole new design to the flagship line of Samsung. Another change is that the display technology is now edge to edge. The photos are courtesy of graphic designer Veniamin Geshkin, who gave a physical look to the design rumors.

If the design turns out to be true, Samsung users will have to completely change the way they operate their phone. A physical home key button, alongside two capacitive keys was a staple for the Samsung design in previous years.

The new design language is all thanks to the new philosophy and intention of Samsung to reduce the bezels at the bottom of the device. The move will allow the company to bring the display to the very base of the chassis.

Will the design affect the size?

Aside from the Galaxy S8 design rumors, we’ve he had many size rumors. At the moment, we can split the rumors for the S8 into two categories: no Note, and Note stories. Let’s explain. The first report claims that there might not be a Note 8. The reason is simple, as Samsung will release one phone with 5.1inches display, and another one with a massive 6 inches display. The latter should replace the Note, as Samsung will move to a new direction, where the company releases just one flagship per year.
The second category the following: Samsung will release Galaxy S8 in two sizes, but 5.1 inches and 5.5 inches. The latter is the same size as the Galaxy S7 Edge and will allow for a new Note 8. And both phones, the smaller one and the larger one will feature curved display.

What about the operating system?

One thing that Samsung will have to do is adapt. As in, adapt their operating system. The mobile software that Samsung uses at the moment does not allow for on-screen navigation buttons. Samsung wants to add those buttons, and also, allow users to customize the buttons. Android currently does not support this technology.