Niantic has just pushed out another minor Pokemon GO update for iOS and Android.

The latest iOS version is now 1.7.1 and the Android version is 0.37.0.

This is a minor update, and only brings stability improvements to the Pokemon GO Plus. A new quick help guide is also available when you first connect your smartphone with the Pokemon GO Plus.

Pokemon GO Update: Pokemon Go Buddy System

Another Pokemon Go update was made available for both iOS and Android users that adds the ability to have a Buddy Pokemon and gets Pokemon GO Plus support.

The latest update brings the Pokemon GO Android version to 0.37.0 and the iOS version to 1.7.0. The updates also feature a few bug fixes and improvements, as usual.

The new Pokemon Go Buddy system is pretty cool. In the latest update, a trainer can now choose a Pokemon to walk alongside them at all times. If you want to be Ash, you can now finally take Pikachu on those long walks.

Unfortunately, that’s all your buddy Pokemon can do. It cannot fight the Pokemon you encounter, nor will you be able to see it walk alongside you. However, you can earn Pokemon candy by covering certain distances with your buddy Pokemon.

Your Buddy Pokemon in Pokemon GO

Pokemon Go Update
Your Buddy Pokemon Pikachu

Although all Pokemon are your buddies, you can only select one to walk beside you. The update allows you to choose any of your Pokemon to be your buddy. You can choose your strongest Pokemon, or you can go with the one you like the most.

How to Use the Buddy System

It’s easy! In the app, select your Profile, and tap on the hamburger menu on the bottom right.

You’ll see a Buddy system option. Now select the Pokemon you want and boom!

That’s about it. You can now walk to get more candies for the Pokemon to evolve or Power up. You get a Pokemon candy for every 5 KM you walk together.

Pokemon GO Plus Support

Pokemon Go Update
The Pokemon Go update offers Pokemon Go Support

Although they’re pretty late, Niantic has finally added Pokemon GO Plus support for the game in the new update.

The Pokemon GO Plus is something you wear on your wrist and it will let you know when a PokeStop or a Pokemon is nearby.

You can use the wearable to catch a Pokemon that’s already in your Pokedex, and you can also collect the loot from a PokeStop.

All this, without having to take out your phone.

Price and Availability

Pokemon GO Plus costs $34.99, and has been put up for sale at their following online stores on September 16.

This is the current status:

You can track stock of the Pokemon GO Plus using thisPokemon GO Plus stock tracker which is automatically updated should any store have get it back in-stock.

This wearable device is an easy way to interact with the game and let’s you keep your phone in the pocket when playing. Don’t do that with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 though, as it might catch fire in your pants.

Other Improvements and Bug Fixes

Niantic has also fixed some bugs in the game and made some improvements as well. The update now makes it easier for your to select those tiny little Pokemon.

A bug that caused Eggs to hatch without the animation has been fixed. And, the game is now smoother and doesn’t hang or stop working when you switch networks. That’s about all the new features, bug fixes and improvements in the new Pokemon GO update.

Also, rooted or jailbroken phones can no longer play Pokemon GO. If you’ve been playing on a rooted or jailbroken device, you will now be greeted by ‘This device, OS, or software is not compatible with Pokemon Go.’

The updated version is available on both Android and iOS from their respective app stores.

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