The Newest Xbox One Update Improves November’s Changes

Microsoft’s Xbox One just received a firmware update that will make the gaming system all around better. The update, which was released on December 9, will fix a number of bugs that were present after the major system update from last month. In particular, the Edge browser has a number of bugs that have been addressed in the new update.

Aside from the fixed bugs, there are no new features involved in the newest update.

This update follows up a major update that occurred in November. That update changed the operating system of the Xbox One to Windows 10, the newest operating system by Microsoft. Along with that OS change, there were obvious cosmetic changes on the home screen and changes to many of the logos.

The change to Windows 10, while hardly noticeable to the user, is huge for developers. Now, developers can make an app that will run smoothly across all devices that run on Windows 10. Users who also own a PC running on Windows 10 can take advantage of this.

Perhaps the biggest addition in the November update was the addition of backwards compatibility. As many gamers will remember, the absence of backwards compatibility was negatively received when the Xbox One was first launched two years ago. The backwards compatibility function comes at no additional cost, and it serves as a major reason to switch from the Xbox 360 to the Xbox One. However, not every title is immediately available for backwards compatibility. The complete, up to date list can be found here.

For Xbox One users in the UK, a recent development is the addition of the Sky Go player. This feature allows users to watch Sky TV through their Xbox One console. This is just another addition as Microsoft attempts to make the Xbox One the central media console in your home.