Backwards Compatibility Included In Recent Xbox One Update

Microsoft’s Xbox One received a major update one month ago that’s sure to satisfy owners of the gaming console and potential buyers. When the Xbox One was first announced, one of the biggest issues concerning it was the lack of backward compatibility. While trying to convince a fan base to move on from the Xbox 360, Microsoft failed to give them incentive to stray away completely. However, with the most recent major update, Microsoft has made amends.


List of Xbox One Backwards Compatible Games growing each day

Backward compatibility is now available for the Xbox One, and while there is a specific list of Xbox One Backwards Compatible Games, the list is growing each week. This is big news heading into the holiday season: for those of you not fully convinced to switch to the Xbox One, this should be the nail in the coffin.

Also new to the Xbox is its operating system. Microsoft has been pushing Windows 10, their newest OS, and they’ve decided to include it on the Xbox One. While this change won’t seem significant to most players, it will make the connection between Microsoft devices much closer. Also, Microsoft claims that the new OS can make games load faster – meaning not having to wait as long when you buy a new game.

Another new addition is the Xbox One’s Community section. This section serves as a spot where you can drop in and see what other gamers are up to. For those lacking a vast number of friends online, this is the perfect way to connect across Xbox Live.

These updates all came alongside a new interface that is aesthetically pleasing. Microsoft has made point to improve the Xbox One leading up to the holiday season, and there should still be more on its way.