New Macbook Pro Price and Specs

Apple recently added three new devices to its line of MacBooks. These new devices have been in the pipeline for more than four years, a period that has really raised expectations from loyal customers. The million dollar question is, does the new Apple MacBook live up to the hype?

The most notable addition to the Macbook Pro is a new touch bar that replaces the traditional row of function keys. This bar is available in two of the three new MacBook Pros that were released. However, it comes with a couple hundred bucks more on the price tag.

The company also launched a 15.4 inch MacBook Pro that also comes with this new touch bar. This larger MacBook Pro has a more powerful processor, and double the storage capacity. The 13 inch models come with 1TB of storage capacity, while the new 15 inch devices come with 2TB of storage.

All new 15 inch variations come with quad-core Intel Core i7 processors that can achieve a boost speed of 3.8GHz when the need arises. The 13 inch variations come with a choice of two options when it comes to the processor. You can either choose a dual-core Intel Core i5 or a quad core Intel Core i7 processor.

The 13 inch MacBook Pro that lacks the new touch bar starts at $1499. Throw in the touch bar and the price goes up to start at $1799. The 15 inch MacBook on the other hand starts at $2399, a significant increase from the $1999 that older 15 inch MacBooks cost.

Is the touch bar on the new Apple MacBook worth the extra bucks?

That’s for you to judge, but it does bring a number of interesting features. It changes depending on the program being used. The bar shows emojis when texting, word suggestions when using word processors or multimedia controls when playing music or videos.

This bar can also be used as a touch ID device to read fingerprints when unlocking the computer.

Despite these new features, a number of users are not happy with the higher price point. However, it’s still a good investment for someone who is in the market. However, an upgrade is not very obvious for someone who already owns a working Mac.

With Microsoft doing all it can to pull Mac users, Apple has a job to do to retain the millions of loyal customers.