LG has announced a successor to the Stylus 2, the LG Stylus 2 Plus, and it features a faster processor, more RAM, better display, and more. The main feature of the smartphone, is as the name suggests, its Stylus.

The Korean manufacturer isn’t competing with the Samsung Galaxy Note series though. Why? Well, because the LG Stylus isn’t nowhere as powerful and the included Stylus isn’t as good as the S-Pen.

Still, if you’re on a budget, want a large display and a stylus included in your smartphone, then the Stylus 2 Plus is for you. LG launched the original Stylus 2 in February this year with a less powerful processor, a 720p 5.7 inch display and just 1.5 GB of RAM.

The LG Stylus 2 Plus is an improvement over the old one, but still nowhere as good as the Galaxy Note series. LG could’ve taken this opportunity to launch a premium 5.7 inch phablet that can take on the Galaxy Note 7 that’s supposed to come out in a few months.

LG Stylus 2 Plus Specs

The Stylus 2 Plus is a mid-range smartphone, that comes with a large display and a stylus.

The Plus comes with the same 5.7 inch display found in the Stylus 2, but this time, it has a Full HD resolution. That’s certainly an improvement, as the 720p display on the original wasn’t very good.

The new device also comes with a faster 1.4GHz Octa Core processor coupled with 2GB or 3GB of RAM. You also get to choose between 16GB or 32GB of internal storage. The RAM and internal storage is region specific.

Regarding the camera, some regions will get a 13 megapixel rear camera and a 5 megapixel front camera. And other regions will get a 16 megapixel rear camera and an 8 megapixel front camera. A rear mounted fingerprint sensor will be available across all regions.

A Stylus is included with the device, which features a nano-coated top that provides better accuracy. You’ll also find cool software features such as Pen Pop and Pen Keeper, which make the stylus experience better.

lg stylus 2 plus pen

Powering the phone, is a 3000mAh battery that can be replaced. Software wise, the phone will run Android 6.0 Marshmallow out of the box.

LG Stylus 2 Plus Price and Availability

LG hasn’t really announced the price for the Stylus 2 Plus, but the company did state about its availability. It will be available in Taiwan first, and later released in markets such as South America, North America, Europe, and Asia.

We believe LG will price the device somewhere between $300 or $400, considering the mid-range specs. You’ll be able to buy the LG Stylus 2 Plus in Titan, Gold, and Brown color options.