Google Halloween Doodle

There’s no denying the fact that a lot of creativity goes into the creation of these small graphical elements that sometimes go unnoticed. Today’s doodle comes in the form of a game that is very captivating.

This game is inspired by Harry Potter and the main character, Momo, is named after a real life cat belonging to a Doodler known as Juliana Chen.

The game starts in the library where Momo accidentally summons an evil spirit that steals the school’s spell book. You mission in this game is to get rid of ghosts as they appear by quickly drawing their corresponding symbols.

You will be required to go through five levels set in a school-like environment. As expected, the going gets tougher as the levels advance. You will need to act fast as you move through the levels because the ghosts will not wait for you to get comfortable.

Before the first level starts, you will have a short training session that will introduce you to the art of spell casting. Basically, it involves drawing the lines that appear on top of each of the ghosts’ heads. If you draw them fast enough, the ghosts will disappear.

Special ghosts bring lightning bolts that strike multiple ghosts at once if you draw a lightning bolt. There’s also one rare ghost that will bring you an extra life if you manage to draw a heart before it disappears.

You start the Google Halloween doodle with five lives, and you lose one every time Momo makes contact with a ghost. This doodle can easily get very addictive because it will keep you on the edge of your seat until all ghosts are down.

Don’t spend all your free time on Pokemon Go Halloween tactics, grab your wand and head over to this doodle page and see how many ghosts you will be able to cast away.