Halloween is upon us once again and what better way to celebrate than by catching monsters? Monsters that could be lurking around your own very street corner, or outside your house! Pokémon Go, a game that has taken the world by storm, is hosting a special Halloween themed event that it wants you to partake in. It’s perfect if you think about it. Well played, Niantic. This special event lasts from October 26th till November 1st. The event caused the game to rocket back to the top of the charts after what seemed like a really long and continuous plunge.

Strategy Guide Details

The Pokémon Go GamePress site has developed a strategy guide that should help you navigate your way around the event and it’s surprises. Your buddy Pokémon will earn candy four times faster during the event. It’s a good time to get your lower-level, harder to find companions levelled-up. Gold medals now give you catch bonuses that last permanently. This may also be the last chance to unlock the Pikachu Buddy Easter egg, so make you join in on the event before it ends November 1st.

2016 has been a phenomenal year to be a Pokémon fan. Not only did it see the release of Pokémon GO, but it will also see the release of new Pokémon games for the Nintendo 3DS, “Pokémon Sun” & “Pokémon Moon”. Nintendo revealed their upcoming new console and handheld hybrid called the “Nintendo Switch”, so who knows if another Pokémon game isn’t in development for the new system. With all the craze and buzz surrounding Pokémon GO, you can bet Nintendo has renewed faith in the franchise and is looking to take it further in the future.

You can find the entire strategy guide on the Pokémon Go Gamepress website.

VIA: Forbes