There are countless step-tracking devices on the market, however, Fitbit has remained the most prevalently sold band since its creation for doing what it does best: showing the overall picture. With it’s latest “Fitbit Charge 2” they have further increased the ability to stay fit and healthy in everyday life, reaching as far as personalized breathing sessions based on your heartbeat.

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The sleep tracker is a traditional tool provided in almost every Fitbit watch. It is able to identify how long you sleep, and how well you sleep, the provides schedules and tips on ways that you can improve your sleep cycle. It also features a “silent alarm” wake up routine, which softly vibrates and helps you to start the day right.

SmartTrack is especially useful for the days in which you forget to log your workouts. This feature is able to detect, based on your heart rate and breathing, when you’re actively exercising, such as hiking, playing sports, or biking across town to work.

Sitting for too long at one time can be hard on your body. It’s easy to forget, so Fitbit is there to encourage you to move around at least 250 steps every hour.


Fitbit expounded on the importance of controlled breathing exercises,”When a bit more mindfulness is added to that simple in-and-out, deep breathing has been shown to lower blood pressure, reduce stress, and lessen anxiety. In fact, one study found a short period of deep breathing can reduce systolic blood pressure by 3.4 to 3.9 mmHg withinminutes—which means your breath can be a powerful calm-down tool. But not just any breathing will do”

By connecting your watch to your phone’s app, post-workout you’ll be able to see a route of where you ran, biked, or walked. It will even calculate the total distance and, of course, steps and heart rate.

Stay focused on the matters at hand by putting away your phone and letting Fitbit alert you when your phone receives calls or texts, even scheduled events. If it’s important, you’ll know. If not, you can keep on plowing away and your to-do list.

Introducing Cardio Fitness Level, a new feature on Fitbit Charge 2 that allows you to see a snapshot of your fitness level using a personalized Cardio Fitness Score. Viewable in the heart rate section of the Fitbit app, your score is an estimation of your VO2 Max (the maximum amount of oxygen your body can use when you’re working out at your hardest)—widely accepted as the gold standard measurement of cardiovascular fitness.”

The Fitbit Blog goes on to relate the difficulties of focusing on eating right, working out regularly, and doing everything possible, but still being frustrated by a lack of progress and weight loss. Cardio Fitness Level is able to help improve your workout routine in order for you to see the results you’ve been working towards.

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This classy look can transition from “work to a wedding” – casual yet dressy, you can pull it off with almost any type of style


The beveled diamond collection is a twist on the original Fitbit band: same material, different texture pattern. The highlight of this pattern is the genuine 22k soft rose gold plated face on the lavender band and a dark matte gunmetal finish for the black watch.

special-edtion-black-fitbit-charge-2 special-edition-rose-gold-lavender-fitbit-charge-2

“Water-resistant accessory bands that are durable enough to take on your day.”

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