BlackBerry may be going through a tough phase but the Canadian company is making sure its first ever Android-powered BlackBerry Priv smartphone is available in all key markets.

It has made its debut in Japan, South Africa, Australia, France, India, Spain and Italy.

Now BlackBerry Priv is available in Mexico

Mexicans who have been waiting for BlackBerry Priv will find it on Amazon Mexico site.

The price currently shows as 15,499 Pesos, which is about $883.19.

It is expensive when compared to the new price tag of $649 on ShopBlackBerry in the United States, after the permanent price cut from the original $699.99.

This price is for the unlocked version the Priv handset, meaning it should work with a wide-range of carriers. But just to be on the safe side, we recommend you consult with your carrier, Amazon or BlackBerry to ensure compatibility before you pay up.

BlackBerry Priv
BlackBerry Priv on Amazon Mexico

For those of you who are keen on getting your hands on the Priv but cannot shell out the entire amount all at once; you don’t have to be disappointed, as BlackBerry says that Mexican residents can use a 12-month payment plan when buying Priv from Amazon.

For many, BlackBerry is still one of their favorite Android smartphones and fans everywhere hope that the company’s standing as a smartphone pioneer improves.

On its part, BlackBerry is doing all it can to keep customers happy. Even with Rome and Hamburg, the interestingly named two new mid-range Android phones from BlackBerry in the works; the company continues to keep Priv in the spotlight with frequent updates and software tweaks.

No news yet on which mobile carrier in Mexico will start offering the PRIV directly. BlackBerry is expected to issue an official announcement soon.

So if you live in Mexico and have the money to spend, BlackBerry Priv can be a great option. For more details and reviews visit Amazon’s Mexico website.