Many of the cool android tweaks require a lot of work. Some of them will even require root access to function. Today, for a breath of fresh air, we are going to walk through a cool tweak you can do on your Android device. It requires no complicated setup, no root access and it can be done in a few short steps.


To achieve a Mac-like interface on your Android smartphone or tablet. Although it will work on your android phone, it produces better results on the larger screens found on tablets.

Step 1

The first step is downloading this Mac desktop launcher from the Google Play Store. Search for Leena Desktop UI and select and install the app: Leena Desktop UI (Multiwindow) by


Step 2

As soon as it is installed, some devices will ask you to choose the default Home app. You can select Leena at this point or you can tap the Leena Launcher icon on your home screen or app drawer.

Leena Launcher icon

Step 3

Once selected, you will be asked to give all the necessary permissions for the app to function. After that you will see a Mac like interface complete with a file manager, desktop-like browser and all your installed applications.

Mac Desktop Launcher File Manager
Mac-like file manager on your Android device
Mac desktop launcher browser
Full browser with the the default desktop view
App drawer
You still have access to all your installed apps
Mac Desktop preferences
Change the way the launcher looks and responds in a simple preferences section that you can access by tapping the small icon on the top right corner

You can now enjoy using your tablet with the full Mac desktop view.


To get back your old android look using any of the following two methods:

All these can be done on your phone’s apps settings. Visit the developer’s website if you have any issues.

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