Amazon continues to add new features to improve upon its Kindle devices, and Page Flip is the most recent feature that helps readers navigate Kindle e-readers and all types of Amazon Kindle devices easily.

Kindle e-readers offer the convenience of reading books wherever you are without having to tag your stock of books around, but this advanced technology comes at a price.

You miss out on the comforting qualities of a regular book, like using your finger as a bookmark and taking a sneak peek at the next chapter.

While it may not exactly feel like holding a real book or thumbing through pages, Amazon’s new Page Flip feature allows you to easily flip back and forth between pages as you read – something that was not so easy on Kindle previously.

According to Chuck Moore, Vice President, Kindle: “Page Flip makes it easier than ever to refer back to pictures in a political memoir, flip back and forth between a map and your current page in an epic fantasy series, or find passages you’ve highlighted in an investing guide.”

Amazon Page Flip on Kindle e-readers and Fire tablets

Kindle e-readers
Page Flip offers a birds-eye view of the chapters

Page Flip brings the entire process of reading on Kindle e-readers closer to the experience of reading a real book, especially when you’re reading books like The Other Boleyn Girl or Lord of the Rings which have family trees or maps.

If you want to explore other parts of the book, you just have to touch the page and the book zooms out. You can get a bird’s eye view of the book with the help of a shortcut button to switch chapters. A tiny thumbnail on the bottom of the screen is used to pin a page and save your place, making it easier for you to go back to where you left.

Kindle e-readers
With Page Flip, you can flip through pages and get back to where you were easily

The update, released on June 28, is a free OTA to all Amazon Kindle devices: Kindle e-readers, Fire tablets and Kindle app for iOS and Android.

You might be interested to know that the entry-level $79.99 Kindle e-reader has been revamped and is thinner and lighter than ever before. The new model sheds off 16 percent of its weight and shaves off 11 percent of its thickness. Both the base model of the Kindle e-readers and Kindle Paperwhite will now be available in white.