Amazon Selling Cars!

Sites like Amazon make things so much more convenient, wouldn’t you say? I mean seriously convenient. There’s like nothing you can’t buy online these days. Well, except cars. Oh, wait. It turns out you now can!

Reports have now come through saying that Amazon has made a deal with Fiat Chrysler, which will see them selling three types of their cars online. One of the benefits of purchasing these online as opposed to a dealership is the considerable discount you’ll be getting if you purchase them on Amazon. It’s a deal like no other. One of the caveats of this deal is that the cars will only be available in Italy.

Amazon Fiat 500 and Panda

You might be wondering which cars on offer? Well, it’s the Panda, the 500 and the 500L. The Panda is apparently the best-selling car in Italy at the moment.

Benefits Of Buying Online

Another one of the benefits of buying one of these cars online is that the promotional pricing will be dropped by a third. Also there’s no interaction with a dealership or a sales rep, so you need not worry about spending money on commission etc. The only time a dealership gets thrown into the equation is when you have to go to one that’s specified by Amazon to sign off on your order.

I personally feel like a lot has changed in the last 7 years. This was merely a dream at one point. Nobody could have anticipated this. This truly could revolutionize the way people spend money on cars. It’s cheaper, quicker and it’s a whole lot more convenient. Think of the possibilities once other car companies start selling their products online? I would love to see a cheaper version of the BMW M3 available for purchase online. And with this new deal, it could someday happen. And I could see many of you opting to buy one as well. I seriously doubt it will make use of Amazon Air. Who would want a drone dropping their car from the sky during a delivery.