Evan Blass is one of the most dependable and reliable leakers you can find. When it comes to reliable info and leaks, Evan is as good as it gets. He was the one that leaked the Galaxy S8 in full display in January. Now, Mr. Leaks has given us the Samsung Galaxy S8 price for Europe. Note that the prices are for retail phones. Chances are that the phone will be cheaper when you get it through your carrier network.

What is the Samsung Galaxy S8 price?

According to Evan, the new phone will cost €799 for the standard S8. The Plus version will come with €100 higher price tag. Or, €899 if you are keeping count. Evan released some prices of additional gear and accessories you can get with the S8.

In that regard, the DeX docking station will cost you €150, the GearVR headset will cost you €129, and the Gear 360 camera will cost you €229.

These prices are actually in line with what the Samsung Galaxy S8 price reports we got from China early in February. But prices in China and Europe are usually different. This time, it looks like we will get the same prices.

Samsung Galaxy S8 color options

Even more important Evan showed the color options of the new phone. As rumored previously, the S8 will be available in three color options right out of the box.

Those three color options are black sky, orchid grey, and arctic silver. A month ago we reported that the three starting options will be gold, black, and grey. Now, we know they replaced gold with silver.

But remember, those are just the starting color options. In the past few years, Samsung has always given users an exclusive color for every Galaxy S phone. For example, the Galaxy S6 was available in blue topaz as an exclusive color. The S6 edge was available in emerald green. When Samsung launched the S7, the phone offered black, white, gold, and pink gold as color options. However, with the release of S7 edge, the Korean company offered two exclusive colors: coral blue and black pearl.

Now that we know the Samsung Galaxy S8 price, we can wait for the official event. The announcement is scheduled for March 29 in New York, with April 21 rumored to be the release date of the phone.