The Xiaomi Mi MIX and the Xiaomi Mi Note 2 are the latest among phablet devices from the company. Xiaomi introduced these two phones recently in China and they were also available via a flash sale in China. While the number of units sold in the first round is not known, the Xiaomi Mi MIX was all gone in just 10 seconds. Many fans were, therefore disappointed. This happened about a week ago and there has been one more flash sale since the earlier event. This time around the Xiaomi Mi MIX was quickly grabbed in less than 30 seconds while it took about a minute for the Xiaomi Mi Note 2 units to be zapped up. These timings could perhaps been shorter if the sites functioned faster. Obviously, therefore, these numbers are merely indicative. The company has not revealed the number of units sold in either of the flash sales.

Xiaomi Mi MIX with ceramic

Going by the fact that the Xiaomi Mi MIX comes with ceramic and Xiaomi had manufactured only limited number of units at the start, the two flash sales together could not have generated large volumes for the company.

Xiaomi Mi MIX third flash sale coming

Xiaomi fans on Chinese soil are in some luck since a third flash sale has been announced by the company for 11th November. Notice however that Mi MIX and Mi Note 2 while being the flagship phablets from Xiaomi, the two products are sharply different. The Mi Note comes with a 5.7” fullHD AMOLED curved display with an option of 6GB and 4 GB RAM and is powered by Snapdragon 821 SoC. On the other hand, the Mi MIX has a 6.4-inch panel with no bezel surrounding the display except at the bottom. The body to screen ratio for the Mi MIX is 91.3% giving it really stunning looks both in real life as well as the images