We’ve noticed a trend wherein the concept homes we have been featuring in the past few weeks have a common theme. The design groups behind these projects have been proposing isolated locations surrounded by nature. Instead of blending cohesively with the environment, the structures are sticking out, which is not necessarily a bad thing. Sinas Architects takes a different route as it presents the Xerolithi House.

This residence is in an area that affords provides people who live there and guests with panoramic views of the sea and mountains. You can find the Xerolithi House on the Greek island of Serifos, but it will difficult to spot immediately against the brown rocky landscape. Unlike other designers who want their buildings to stand out, Sinas Architects prefers inconspicuous.

Although the home is remarkably modern in construction, the exterior is a different story. The studio maintains the motif of what visitors can normally see when they tour the island. The Xerolithi House shows a canvas of dry stone walls – locally called xerolithies — to give it a natural aesthetic. It occupies a total floor space of 2,637 square feet.

There are two major sections with access to the wide-open terrace. The bigger one is where you’ll find the main bedroom and a living area. Two guest rooms are available within the smaller block which also houses a basement.

Some sections of the large terrace are covered which is great for entertaining guest over dinner al fresco style. The Xerolithi House looks like our idea of enjoying a leisurely life in the countryside. Sunrise and sunset would look magnificent with the Mediterranean vibe.

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Images courtesy of Sinas Architects