Xbox One VR: Happening sooner than expected?

Reports in the past have always hinted that a VR version of Microsoft’s Xbox One may just be around the corner — and it looks like those reports might just be true, after all.

If the Electronic Entertainment Expo or E3’s official website is to be believed, products related to the rumored Xbox One VR might be one of those taking the spotlight in the upcoming Electronic Entertainment Expo 2016, which is scheduled to happen June 14-16 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

It appears that the event’s official website has added a ‘Virtual Reality’ category for the Xbox One, which currently has four developers registered under it.

Among these developers are: 3DRudder, Maximum Games, Rebellion, and Readily Information Company.

The Xbox One’s closest rival, Sony’s Playstation, is set to debut its VR version — called the PS VR — in October.

Xbox Scorpio

It was only recently when Kotaku hinted in its report that Microsoft might be poised to form a partnership with Oculus Rift for its upcoming console, which is codenamed Scorpio.

Reports say that the Scorpio will be a much smaller version of the Xbox One, and that it is set to make its debut sometime later this year.

Microsoft is yet to make a statement on the matter — but it’s also likely that the addition of the Xbox One VR category might have only been done in error.

Still, with the Xbox One being one of the most successful gaming console that there is today, and its closest rival already inching towards launching its virtual reality version — and virtual reality being dubbed the future of gaming technology— it is not at all unlikely that Microsoft has been gearing up for a VR version of its highly popular gaming console all along.

Could the Xbox One VR be coming sooner than we think?