The Microsoft Xbox One S, a slimmer and slightly powerful version of the Xbox One, will be available for purchase on August 2nd.

During E3 2016, Microsoft announced the existence of a slimmer, slightly powerful version of the Xbox One. The so called Xbox One S will compete with the upcoming PlayStation 4 Neo.

There are plenty of other reasons behind the S version. First of all, the Xbox One hasn’t been doing as well as the PS4, and Microsoft needed to do something about it. The One S will offer similar performance as the Xbox One, but with a little extra.

Nowadays, gaming is heading into the 4K era, and the Xbox One cannot do high resolution gaming. Games demand more and more with each passing day, therefore, the Xbox One S.

Xbox One S Design

The One S carries a new design, and is 40 percent smaller in size than the Xbox One. You’ll also notice that the console is no longer black. Instead, Microsoft has give the S an all white hard plastic body with perforated holes on one side. It is also much sleeker than before and houses the Power supply inside the body.

xbox one s size

So yes, Microsoft has managed to make the One S about 40 percent smaller in size despite having to place the power supply inside. In the Xbox One, the power adapter was an external unit. This is much more portable than the One.

The new design also lets you place the One S either vertically or horizontally. Keeping it in a vertical stance will also help you save space.

Xbox One S Specs

Technically, the One S isn’t much better at playing games than the One. However, you get 4K video playback and a 2TB harddrive that can be placed internally.

The slight performance improvement will provide HDR support for modern games, making them more livelier. You’ll see deeper blacks, brighter whites and basically, more realistic colors.

xbox one s hdr

The Xbox One S doesn’t have a Kinect port, so you’ll need to buy an additional Kinect-to-USB adapter. There’s an IR blaster included and you can choose between 2TB, 1TB or 500GB of storage.

Also new, is the Xbox Wireless controller, which now comes in White and has Bluetooth connectivity. This means that you can use the controller with your PC, smartphone or tablet. No need to get any adapters. It also has better grip and twice as much range as the Xbox One controller.

Xbox One S Price and Release Date

Now, for the price and release date of Microsoft’s newest gaming console. The 2TB variant of the Xbox One S is a special ‘Launch Edition’ and will be available on August 2nd. The 1TB and the 500GB variants of the console will be available at a later date, and we will update once we have the details.

The 2TB Xbox One S Launch Edition will cost you $399, the 1TB version will cost $349, and the 500GB version will be $299. It will be available for purchase at the Microsoft Store and at several other retailers. You can pre-order one from the link below.

Microsoft Store